Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems

Providing leading-edge vacuum and overpressure technology worldwide

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors in the world, with products are at the forefront of vacuum and low pressure technology. The Busch product range offers the largest selection of industrial vacuum pumps available in the world today. Its global headquarters is located in Maulburg, Germany, where the main German manufacturing facility is also located. Maulburg is also the home of the German sales and service organization. Additionally, Busch operates production plants in Switzerland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Korea and the USA. The Busch group is a family-owned company, and has always been managed by members of the Busch family.

The Busch workforce of more than 3,500 employees worldwide includes many chemical engineers, mechanical engineers and service specialists. In addition to our production facilities throughout the world, we have established the industry's most advanced service network for vacuum systems. Busch service technicians and engineers maintain vacuum systems all over the world and in many industries – from offshore oil exploration in the Arctic Sea to food packaging in Patagonia.

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Student Story|Ananya Nandy, MechE '19

Ananya Nandy, MechE '19

Visiting the East Side Gallery on the Berlin Wall with other MIT interns Christine and Seb
Visiting the East Side Gallery on the Berlin Wall with other MIT interns Christine and Seb

I had not heard of Busch before going to Germany. Throughout my time there, I learned a bit more about the company, including its history and structure. The office I worked at, the German manufacturing site, worked on the main line of pumps and compressors although there were multiple other manufacturing sites, including one close by in Switzerland that focused on different types of pumps (generally the more expensive screw pumps/compressors).

My project was initially very broad, focusing on pulsation dampening for claw compressors. At first, I did a lot of basic research about the problem independently. However, thanks to my supervisor, I was able to connect with several people in the company, including the acoustics specialist and the product manager of that compressor line. By speaking with the acoustics specialist and my supervisor, we set up some experiments to test one of the compressors. With this data, I used a MATLAB simulation to compare theoretical and experimental values. In addition, I was able to try an experimental method that had not been used at Busch before, from which I calculated acoustic properties of the compressor. Although I did not actually re-design the dampener, I helped gather information that will be useful for future dampener design if it is pursued. Overall, I had a chance to work with an acoustics specialist, the product manager, the manufacturing/prototyping department, and the test department, which allowed me to get a good look at how the company worked as a whole.

This experience was definitely a positive one. Thanks to a great supervisor, I was able to do interesting and challenging work that also allowed me to experience several parts of the company. Although I have graduated and will not be returning to MIT, this was a good look at a traditional mechanical engineering company, and it was great to have learned what it is like to be an engineer or scientist in Germany.

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Student Story|Gabriel Schneider, CS '20

Gabriel Schneider, CS '20

My project description sent to me by my interviewer at Busch was a single slide asking a few questions about how to better predict the future of product sales, so the project was rather open-ended. Since I had just taken 6.036 introduction to machine learning, I was able to recognize the problem, read the data, and ultimately choose a solution for Busch. While their past forecasting system relied totally on market knowledge, intuition, and expectation of growth, I also used my coding classes to write a script using Python that would make my system very easy to run by management.

At Busch, most people working in controlling with me were in their late 20’s or 30’s. They made sure to invite me to outings, whenever they organized a birthday party or holiday party. They also made sure to ask me about the project regularly, and to check how I was doing. Even though I was a lot younger than my coworkers in controlling, a few of them were very good friends to me by the time the summer was over.

Working at Busch was the perfect choice for an internship this summer. Not only did it give me a chance to buff up my resume professionally, but it also was a great experience. I learned a lot about how to interact with coworkers, how to make presentations, and how international companies operate. My coworkers were always inclusive and amiable, and many became my friends.

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